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Bangladeshi Journalist

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  • Working as Current Affairs Editor of ATN Bangla (The Biggest and oldest TV channel in Bangladesh), from June 2010 to till date

  • Planer & Presenter of Je Kothha Keu Boleni Untold Story Talk show of ATN Bangla
  • Served as a Senior Reporter in Channel 1 from 15th August 2005 to 30 May 2010.
  • Working experience at Daily Sanbad, Dainik Banglabazar Potrika, Country-first tabloid daily Manabzamin from 1998 to 2005.

  • Working as Editor of  The Probashi  (the probashi is Bengali online news portal its Published from Canada.)


karamot ullah biplob talk show atn bangla

MAJOR Report, PRODUCTION and documentary

  • More than 100 investigating report on Bangladesh migrant worker on abroad including USA, France, Morocco, Sweden, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Malaysia, Libya, Tunisia, Egypt, Lebanon & Jordan.
  • Made 12 documentary films for national and International Organization including KARAM Asia, Juddhu Joyer Golpo for IOM, Trun of Bangladesh for BAIRA, Swapner Bidesh Jatra for Caritas Lebanon, Libya War & Bangladeshi for Government Republic of Bangladesh , Work Hero for  Ministry of Expatriates Welfare And Overseas Employment, Amar Dhaka  for Dhaka City Corporation, The One Road City for World Bangla Television,  etc.
  • Anchoring ATN Bangla famous talk show ‘LEAD NEWS”
  • Visited 34 country for the purpose of reporting and documentary
  • Cover Libya border during repatriation Bangladeshi Worker to home country. I was only Bangladeshi journalist cover the Libya border during repatriation.
  • Covered news Libya war exclusively humanitarian factors of women & Children at the time of war.

Media Consultant & Advisor

The Centre for Injury Prevention and Research, Bangladesh (CIPRB) is a world leading injury prevention organisation based in Bangladesh.  Through pioneering research and innovation, CIPRB saves lives by delivering quality programmes throughout Bangladesh, designed to combat injury-based fatalities and morbidities, including drownings; burns, maternal health issues and road traffic injuries.  CIPRB’s ground breaking work has far reaching impacts, benefiting other countries, particularly in Asia, where similar programmes are now in place and saving lives.

Bandhu Social Welfare Society (BSWS) was formed in 1996 to address concerns of human rights abuse and denial of sexual health rights, and provide a rights-based approach to health and social services for the most stigmatized and vulnerable populations in Bangladesh, MSM in particular kothis/hijras and their partners. BSWS have been officially registered since 1997 started with a staff of two and a small programme in Central Dhaka was supported by the Royal Norwegian Embassy. Over the years it has emerged as a national community led organization currently providing social and health services to a broad range of Sexual Minority Populations in 21 districts in Bangladesh.

In addition to its programme of services in Bangladesh, BSWS is a part of number of regional and International initiatives.

BOMSA aims to unite and protect the welfare of female migrants of Bangladesh. Founded and operated by returned women migrant workers, BOMSA has been working with internal and external women migrants since 1998 to ensure the protection of migrant’s rights. At that time it was the only voice for female migrants in Bangladesh. BOMSA has been registered with Department of Women’s affairs Government of Bangladesh DWA Registration no. Jesbikka/Dhaka/250, NGO Bureau Reg. No 1920. BOMSA is operational in eleven districts. Our work continues to shape the lives of many women, who battle against the odds in foreign lands by offering both pre and post departure support and training.

Ovibashi Karmi Unnayan Program (OKUP) is a community based migrants organization, operates on the principle of human rights first priority based on gender justice, substantive equality and non-discrimination. Believing in that the unity of migrant workers enhances their empowerment and contributes to the protection of their rights and dignity, OKUP came up as a platform of returnee migrant workers in 2004. Through different engagement, OKUP has strong foot in the migrant communities. It has sound capacity and expertise in the area of migrants rights, health including HIV/AIDS, and social and economic reintegration. It has put migrants voices at different national and international levels.

Frontline Communications LTD is a member of the Advertising Agencies Association of Bangladesh and is the foremost comprehensive advertising agency in Bangladesh. Unconquerable creativity, unbeatable client services, outstanding media relations, highly innovative employees and a jovial working environment are the secrets to our strong success. Frontline always strives to make certain we place your brand, service or event in the most effective and recognizable placement possible. We provide relevant and useful services for our clients; always keeping up to date with new technologies and methods within the world of advertising and brand placement so that we can make the perfectly coordinated presentation in the right place to meet our clients’ business objectives.

Journalists Organization

Rangpur Division Journalist Association (RDJA), a organization of professional journalists from eight districts of Rangpur division, working in the capital Dhaka, Dhaka. On August 13, 2009, the organization has been established by all concerned efforts. Central and head office of the organization on the fourth floor of Hotel Emperor of 23/3 of the Capital Dhaka, Topkhana Road. It is a regional, private, non-political, non-profit, research-oriented and philanthropic organization. Newspapers, news agencies, journalists from online and electronic media, from various district departments in Dhaka.

The National Press club was founded in 1954 as the East Pakistan Press Club. It was formed to be run by an elected committee guided by its rules and regulations. The Government of East Pakistan rented out a building at 18 Topkhana Road. Building before 1947 was a residential house of Dhaka University and was once residence to physicist Satyendra Nath Bose.The first life member of the club was N. M. Khan who was chief secretary of the provincial government. Mujibur Rahman Khan was the first president of the club. On 25 March Pakistan army started Operation Searchlight and shelled the club, the structure was completely destroyed. After the Independence of Bangladesh it was named the National Press club. In 1977 the building was leased to the club permanently and the government of Bangladesh covered the expense of a new building. In 1995 the Clubs logo and emblem were selected.

  • Member of Dhaka Reporters Unity (DRU)

Dhaka Reporters Unity (DRU) is a professional organization of the reporters of newspaper, news organizations, and electronic media based in Dhaka, Bangladesh. DRU was founded in 1995 seeks to work for the interest of reporters, and aims to create a unique platform for the reporters to work together under one umbrella for the advancement of the standard of journalism in the Country. Dhaka Reporters Unity also tries to uphold and maintain high standard of credibility of a free press, and fair professional practices of journalism. About 1350 members of DRU have been engaged in reporting in the Country. The Reporters Unity regularly organizes training programs, discourses, workshops and computer courses for the reporters.
Dhaka Reporters Unity’s one of the regular programs is “Meet the Reporters” where diplomats, politicians, society’s recognized persons face the reporters to respond of various questions on various issues that are important for national interest. Each year, Dhaka Reporters Unity (DRU) offers awards for outstanding performances in reporting on various fields such as Investigative, Business, Crime, Education, and Sports. The Prize money is a total of Taka 50,000 which is offered by leading organizations of the Country.


WFP award
WFP award on journalism in 2008
UNESCO Award on journalism in 2009
Phillips award
Phillips International award in 1998
WHO award
World Health Organization award


Information Ministry
Best Investigative Reporting Award from Bangladesh Information Ministry
Reporters Unity
Best Journalist by Bangladesh Reporters Unity
Dhaka City Corporation
Journalist of the year by Dhaka City Corporation
Dhaka Press Club
Best Journalist of the year By Dhaka Press Club


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